Beautiful, but unhappy. How has one of the most beautiful actresses of old Hollywood changed.

Julia Cheylin Newmeyer began her career as a cabaret dancer, but over time she managed to break through to Hollywood and become one of the most beautiful actresses of the time.

Julia has long offered only episodic roles, but the main role in the series “Catwoman” has done its job. The actress also began to appear on the covers of magazines, so had an unusual exotic appearance.

In the 60s, a woman married a screenwriter, but the marriage broke up after 7 years. The couple had a son with Down syndrome and also a deaf one. This greatly broke Julia, he could not work normally and often began to drink.

At some point, the woman decided to try her hand at business and began creating unique tights, but this was not successful.

Julia currently resides on commissions for her old roles …

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