“Russian Kim Kardashian” ridiculed for inept photoshop and cellulite

Anastasia Kvitko has long been known in the world as the “Russian Kim Kardashian.” But unlike Kim, the paparazzi are not chased after Kvitko, and therefore the girl easily deceives her fans. But even Photoshop Kvitko seems to own not as well as we would like.

A girl is often laughed at, so she ineptly uses Photoshop – the tree will go the wrong way, the sea will rise higher than necessary. But this time, it seems Anastasia decided to use the minimum of retouching and show her cellulite to fans.

“Is this a joke?”, “Yes, it is falling out,” “Cheap porn actress,” “But what about cellulite? Do you forget something? ”- wrote perplexed users of the Network.

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Post Author: WereYouAware.com